Italian Gestures

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We have finally updated the long-awaited application for iPhone and iPodTouch, Italian Gestures, the first in the world about the most common gestures performed in Italy: A REAL DICTIONARY, including pictures, about non-verbal communication, typical of Italian people and not only.

It's well known that Italians are a lively and colorful people, just as it's also well known that they use their hands a lot, in a wide variety of gesturing that has been incorporated into the language. This is understandable, due to the many different people of all nationalities that have occupied the Italian peninsula over the course of millennia of history. With such a plethora of languages and dialects, it's not at all surprising that people who needed to communicate did so through non-verbal expressions.

Our little research into non-verbal communication examines the most frequently used gestures within the Italian cultural community. We have compiled a handy guide that can be used, either by Italians who are curious about their habits and the origin of these gestures, or by foreigners who may be rightly puzzled by some truly amazing, and sometimes incomprehensible, "ballets" taking place in everyday conversations. This is the reason why we decided to issue the application in Italian, as well as in English.

But our desire is also to create our own community, where you will be free to "adopt" a gesture (or more than one) so as to make it the representation of one of your own feelings, of your special club, of a message you would like to send. In this spirit, we have thought of inviting you to send us suggestions about not yet described gestures, so you will contribute to increasing the information provided.

The world of Italian Gestures is funny, interesting, amusing and useful: we will be glad to have you join our community!

Have fun!

Italian Gestures

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